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FAQ Page

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect when I order?

Once you order, we will send you an email with questions about what you want your clothing item to look like and what purpose it will serve.  We will also ask for measurements that are needed to insure a good fit, and we're happy to walk you through that process if you'd like our support.  We will then communicate about fabric and trim choices, sending pictures.  We give you as much information about your choices as possible to help you in your decisions.  You can expect quality clothing that is well-made by our hands for you.

When can I expect my order to be completed?

For standard orders, please allow 6-8 weeks after payment is made and your final choices are solidified for an order to be filled and sent.  Larger or more complex or specialized orders may take longer.  We do work hard to get items to you sooner, but there are only two of us, so sometimes it takes a little longer.  Also, sometimes special orders on fabrics or trims will take longer than anticipated.  We will communicate with you the entire time about your order status.  If you need your order before then, please let us know.  We will charge a 15% rush charge.  

Why are the prices so high?

You will find that our prices are in line with what you would find at a Macy's or similar store.  You are paying for our time drafting and altering patterns to your specific measurements, our shopping, our expertise, and our time constructing the garment.  You are paying for the materials needed to make your items. You are paying for quality materials, quality construction, and clothing that is made to your specific qualifications and measurements. Everything is completely made to custom order, and that takes time and work.  We are not a bulk store.  We simply cannot compete with prices at big box chain stores or second market discount stores.

Can you make items beyond what is listed?

Yes!  We are a new business, and our portfolio is still growing.  Our website shows versatile bases that will meet needs for many people.  But, we are happy to do special orders that are not listed.  Simply contact us with your request, and we will determine if it is a project that we can do at our standards of excellence. If we chose to take the project, we will discuss the specifications and provide a quote.

Can I give you a pattern or fabric to make an item?

Absolutely.  Just like any special order, we are happy to work with a pattern or fabric of your own.  Contact us with your request, and we will review it.  If we feel like we cannot do the project justice, we will let you know up front.  If we feel like we can complete the project, we will discuss specifications and provide a quote.

When do you start making an item?

We will not put your order in cue, purchase materials or start drafting a pattern until options have been verified by you and payment for the order has been received.  Once we have approval and payment, we will add your order to our cue and start working toward filling it.

Can I make changes to my order?

You can make changes until we make the purchase for your order.  We will send a final verification message before we do.  Once we receive verification and purchase the materials, we will not accept changes.  If you really would like to make a change, you may pay for the new or additional materials.  This may move your order down in our cue.  

Can CoraGrace make a character or team shirt?

We do not have permission to sell any licensed character merchandise at this time.  We cannot and will not sell an item with a licensed character or logo on it.