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About Us

Hi, I'm Megan, owner of CoraGrace Custom Creations!  Thank you for visiting our site!  I'd love to share a little with you about how we started, who we are, what we offer, and what we believe.

How it all began:

Thirty years ago, my mother started teaching me basic hand stitches.  I started repairing holes in things and sewing basic seams by hand.  Once she felt I had mastered that, she taught me how to make a pillow case.  I remember it well.  It was pink and white striped, and we added a lace flower embellishment on the front.  After that, I made a pair of shorts and a matching dolman top.  I joined 4-H with a neighbor, started the clothing program, and progressed through all of the levels.  I entered clothes in fairs and competitions.  My clothes were recognized at the top levels of them.  I made homecoming dresses and prom dresses and Christmas caroling outfits for our school's chorus.  I also ended up with a life-long love of sewing.  It will always remind me of time spent with my mom.

Though I loved sewing, I decided to pursue a career in music education.  I taught private voice for years, directed shows, taught choir, helped with costuming. I had children, and as they should, they took up my time. Sewing never left, but it was no longer my focus.  Fast forward to 2020 with its life-altering events.   I stopped teaching to stay at home with my children.  I was unable to perform.  My mother lost a battle with vascular dementia.  Lost and grieving, I started sewing again.  I made some clothes for my girls.  They wanted more.  I made a shirt for myself to match their dresses.  I shared it on social media.  Every time I shared something, people commented that I should have a website.  I should sell what I make.  People started making orders.  And just like that, a door opened. It opened pretty wide, actually.  So wide, that I found myself needing help.  So, I asked a friend to join my team, and luckily, she accepted.  The rest of the story is still being written.  Thank you for your contribution in it!

The CoraGrace Team:

CoraGrace is run by me and my business partner, Leanna.  Leanna is an incredible artist, jewelry designer, make-up artist, and costumer.  She has been in charge of costuming for several shows in the area, and has had artwork featured on performance programs.  Her artistic skill is an invaluable addition to drafting patterns and doing detail work on our creations.  She has a passion for historical fashion, and enjoys recreating pieces.  And, she's also a classically trained singer and talented performer.

What CoraGrace means:

My love of sewing started with my mother.  My business started with clothes for my daughters.  So, I was thinking of a name for the business, it was only natural that I found a name that would honor them all.  My grandmother's name is Cora, and now my youngest daughter shares it.  My other grandmother's name is Grace, as was her mother's.  Grace has become a family name, passing to my mom and now my daughter.  CoraGrace is all of them - generations of strong, savvy, resilient, resourceful women all honored and carried with us.

What we do:

CoraGrace offers custom clothing for all.  Children and adults, all genders, all body types.  we offer custom fits and custom choices.  Get the exact fit and style you want!  The items on our page are a starting point - a springboard.  They are examples of what we've made so far as a business.  We have made what you see, and we can make much more!  We will work with you to find the fabric, style, and size you need.  

What we believe:

We at CoraGrace believe fashion is for everyone.  We are about empowerment and choice.  "Off the rack" fashion is offered in one cut with one proportion.  We will create the clothing of your choice to your measurements.  Gone are the days of choosing your waist measurement or your hips.  No longer do you have to avoid button-up shirts because they gap in odd places.  There is no more dealing with a size that is too large simply to get the length you require.  Your body is your own.  It is unique.  The clothes you wear should be, too.  You do not need to conform to someone else's idea of what you should be.  With CoraGrace, you can define your clothes, not the other way around.

We also believe in responsible fashion.  "Fast fashion" is made to be disposable.  These clothing pieces are made so quickly and so inexpensively that there is a lot of clothing waste.  The low quality of these clothes make them difficult to recycle or reuse.  The increased production leads to more pollution.  Many of these clothing pieces are made in poor working conditions.  CoraGrace makes clothing to order, so waste is minimal.  We use leftover fabric to make other products when we can  - color block tees, scrunchies, trim, etc to minimize waste further.  We make our clothing to last.  We work quickly and diligently, but we also build breaks into our day to exercise, eat, and reset.  You can be sure that you're getting unique clothing made just for you in a conscientious and careful environment.